I’m Dani, and this guy in the photo is my baobao

I am an Early Years Teacher, certified International Educator, a Cross-Culture Adult, Expat and most importantly…

a Travel Mom.

My husband and I met in Chile, our home country, but started officially dating during a trip to Buenos Aires. From that first trip, only 1,406 kilometers from home, to the 18,853 kilometers that separate us now, we’ve traveled around the world, initially as a couple, and now as a small family of three.

It has been four years since we first left. We have had the fortune of living in three different continents, which, in turn, has allowed us to see 36 different countries.

Baobao, who has just turned 2, has already been to 12 countries. Together, we have survived 45 flights, 11 train rides and 6 boat rides. We have seen over 60 cities.


I started A Baby Abroad when we first moved to China with a three month old baobao. We loved eating out, finding cafés and small bars, spending the day around the city, and mostly, to travel. We did not want to stop doing all this once we became parents. We were determined to maintain our lifestyle, no matter the age of our son.

We were also struggling with being new parents and not having any clue what to do – despite my profession! It is challenging to be a mother without a tribe. Facing culture shock, adapting to my new role as a mother with no one to turn to, and dealing with all the challenges of expat life is what still keeps me occupied, 24/7.

Although living kilometers away from our family and most of our friends helped avoid the need to deal with unwanted comments, opinions and suggestions, we did receive a few that lingered in the back of my mind (although I know all of these were good intentioned). As we traveled, I wondered if perhaps people were right in telling me that it was too much for Baobao. Then, I started documenting our experiences and seeing how much he has grown thanks to our lifestyle and it became clear that it was worth it (although there are still times in which I question it for a few minutes!).

As I proved it to myself, I decided to prove it to others as well, so I created this place to show that traveling and living abroad with a baobao IS possible, safe and fun. It is my mission to normalize it, and show you that becoming a parent should not hinder you from doing what you wish.

There are memes and articles and even “research” online that says that it’s more gratifying to travel than start a family. My toes curl up every time I see these. Why do people think these two things are incompatible?!

I want to show you that they are NOT – you do NOT have to choose between having the lifestyle that you want, and having children. Having a baobao is one of the three experiences that have mostly impacted me in a positive way, along with marrying my husband, and living and traveling abroad. And I love that I can experience the three things TOGETHER.

I can’t wait to give you tips, inspiration, itineraries, and much more, so that you can see just how possible and FUN it is.

But, please don’t think this is a “full of fluff” page that is looking to sell you the idea that “if I can do it, so can you”. I promise to always keep it real. In fact, traveling with a baobao is not always easy. The way you travel changes a lot, and there are some things that you just can’t do. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m going to show you the reality of traveling with a baobao, the good, the bad and the ugly, and what to do when things don’t go as expected.

For those of you who really want to become parents, or have already done so, and feel that because of it, you will miss out on so many things you want to do, A Baby Abroad is here to show that you DO NOT HAVE TO MISS OUT, if you do not want to.

  • Start by looking into this post about air travel with a baobao, the number one thing that parents are mostly scared of about traveling with young children.
  • Get some inspiration about travel destinations beyond classical family friendly places, by browsing through these baobao-proofed trips.
  • Are you an expat, about to become a parent away from home? Read the stories of others in your shoes in the section Moms Abroad.


So… are you ready to start having some fun? Begin by taking this quiz to see if you are ready to travel with your baby!!!

You can also contact me by filling out this form here, and I will be happy to respond as quickly as I can:



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