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Incredible Tokyo

Incredible Tokyo - A Baby Abroad
Incredible Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for its lights, sushi, masses of people, and the unbelievable order with which they use public transport.
But the truth is that it has many more things that are just as incredible…


At conveyor belt sushi restaurants, dishes pass by and you pick the one you want to eat.



Women actually wear Kimonos. Not because it’s a national day or anything… but because they actually wear them on a regular, day to day basis.


Not only do they wear beautiful kimonos, they are also very stylish.

The public transportation system is a monstrosity! I think what we mostly did in Tokyo was get lost in the subway stations…


They sell a million things… a million…!!!


It’s a cigarette smoke free place! It’s actually ilegal to smoke in the street, one of the reasons this is a great destination for children.


The most random things are Hello Kitty themed…!


Very young children are alone in the street.


And las but not least… they love babies…



*Thanks for the videos!

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