A Baby Abroad is about our journey into parenting, family life, and family travel… because the world is too interesting and marvellous to miss out on it… even with a baby in tow. 

Abroad from the start

Our story began while on a trip to Buenos Aires, which laid the foundations for what would be a life of adventures around the world. From that first trip, only 1,406 kilometers from what was then our home, to the 18,853 kilometers that separate us now, we’ve traveled around the world, initially as a couple, and now as a small family of three, because travel is part of who we are.

Living abroad literally opened a world of opportunities for our adventures. It has also been an adventure in itself. Parenting on our own and in a place far away from “home” is a journey in itself.

At A Baby Abroad we will share with you the stories behind our adventures into parenting, living abroad, and traveling the world with a baby.

It is our mission to normalize travel with babies and young children, and help others loose their fears to do it too!

Other than being a wife, mother and traveler, I am also a passionate IB Primary Years Programme and International Teacher. Check out my Professional Portfolio here.