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The Worst Mom Ever

The Worst Mom Ever - A Baby Abroad
The Worst Mom Ever

Yes, I am the worst, the worst of all mothers in the world and in history of humankind. Because of me, Ruben will be spoiled, dependent, selfish, he won’t be able to do anything on his own and he will be traumatised for life. His girlfriends will have to do everything for him, put up with his bad habits; his wife will have to serve his every need… Oh the horror!

And this will all be my fault, because, yes, I am the worst mom of all moms.

He is already one year old and I still breastfeed him… Oooooohhhh the horror… “that’s not nutritious anymore, it’s only spoiling him!” …. The worst mom… EVER!

He still does not sleep through the night… How on earth is it possible I still have not taught him?! What kind of mother am I….?!?!?!

Between 12:00 midnight and 2:00 a.m., I end up taking Ruben to our bed… the three of us wake up together always… WORST. MOM. EVER… by far!

I let him eat on his own, yes, with his hands until he can use a spoon… horrible horrible horrible… I am the WORSE. How can I not teach him manners?!

When we go out we often use a baby carrier, “Isn’t he a little old for such spoiling?! He’ll NEVER learn to walk on his own!¨…. Worst mom… the worst.

And to make matters worse… he’s going to daycare… DAYCARE! “What for?! He’s so young! Poor thing!!!”

Absolutely… most definitely… I am the worst mom in the history of motherhood.. the worst mom in the history of the world… BY. FAR.

And you know what…?





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